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PP Woven Bag

basic information
Pp woven bag
Polypropylene/PP woven bags are mainly made of polypropylene pellet by extrusion, drawing and circular weaving. Its load-bearing range is between 2.5-200kg, its process can be with PE liner/M side/punching handles/handles/zipper/top sew with cord, and printing provides offset printing (relief printing), BOPP (gravure printing);
the polypropylene woven bag has the following features:
1., it has the advantages of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance.
2. the antioxidant can be added to prevent aging.
3. customizable printing;
4. coating film or lining film, waterproof and moisture-proof
5. reusable and reusable, environmental protection
6. wide range of applications
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